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Beyond Smart Talk 

The intent of this book is to serve as a field guide for executives and consultants responsible for leading strategic change initiatives and programs in their firms. 

For the executive, the book serves as a guide for the perplexed.  It will help you successfully translate your business strategy into a short list of key initiatives. Importantly, it will help create energy in the organization, sustain momentum in the change process, and avoid the dilemma of over-promising in your strategy.

For advisors and consultants (both internal and external), it address the gravitas (the mind set and skills) needed to serve as high credibility change agents and heavy weight strategic initiative managers. 

The book address thru detailed case examples what effective executives and their strategic advisors actually do day in and day out in leading and sponsoring change initiatives. 

In sum, the book translates best current thinking into practical diagnostic frameworks. The book codifies lessons learned and documents the takeaways, i.e., what I have seen and learned first hand as a consultant working in the field and teaching in executive education programs over the past decade.

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